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SCU Sponsorship

SCU Sponsorship

Sharons Credit Union is open to involvement in various opportunities to work with local not-for-profit organizations, social enterprises, and other organizations with missions that align with our values.


Initiatives that enhance the quality of life for seniors


Initiatives that promote and preserve arts and culture as our common inheritance.


Initiatives that promote equal opportunity for education, social or career development


Initiatives that improve their governance, management or programs.

And it also restrains the use of its funds in the following areas;

  • Individual pursuits or interests that are primarily for personal gain or enjoyment
  • Political organizations or events
  • Religious organizations or events
  • Any programs or organizations which may be controversial (including potential for a conflict of interest allegation) or otherwise cause reputational damage to Sharons Credit Union.



Confirmation of Acceptance for your “Donation Request Application” via e-mail (2 – 3 week review period)


Confirmation of Fund Deposit


Submit your “Community Development Program Final Report” (within 30 days of program or project completion)

  • We do not support funds for individual pursuits or interests that are primarily for personal gain or enjoyment, Political organizations or events and Religious organizations or events.
  • Funds should not be applied for any other use other than the specified intended use.
  • If any changes or cancellations occur for the accepted program or event, Sharons Credit Union must be notified immediately. Funds may be subject to return back to Sharons Credit Union.
  • Sharons Credit Union’s participation acknowledgement must be included in your program/ event through imprinting our logo on any and all publicity materials.

How to Apply

Upon filling out the “Donation Request Application” form, please send to sponsorship@sharons.ca or visit our main Vancouver Branch to hand-in the application to our Sponsorship Manager.

Donation Request Application

Final Report

The “Community Development Program Final Report” form along with 3 or more digital photos must be provided within 30 days of program or project completion to sponsorship@sharons.ca. Refer to instructions on form for further details.

Failure to submit final report alongside failing in complying with sponsorship instructions may result in your organization being ineligible for future funding considerations.

Community Development Program Final Report