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SCU Auto Loan

What   Offers our members with a secured borrowing option to apply towards a new or used vehicle purchase
Who   Personal Members
Period   Up to 5 years
Borrowing Limit   Up to C$200,000*


This product offers our members financing solutions to fund the purchase of a new or used vehicle.


Features and Qualifications

This secured financing solution with a straightforward process, assists our members in making their vehicle purchase less burdensome and lowering their monthly payments. Financing options vary depending on vehicle. Loans for Boats, Recreational Vehicles, Motorcycles, Snow Mobiles, Personal aircrafts also follow a similar process as a SCU Auto Loan.
This product is available to members who are eligible with regards to the lending criteria, guidelines, terms and conditions and fees.


Regular principal monthly payments

Principal repayment schedules are set up at product registration. Interest is divided equally into monthly payments.

*Credit scores play a role in eligibility, terms and limits in borrowing.

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