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Member Services

Member Benefit

When you become a member of Sharons Credit Union, you’re more than a customer, you’re a member. As a member, we ensure you benefit from choosing Sharons Credit Union as your financial service provider.

You have a say in how our credit union is run

The owners of the credit union are our members. Regardless of your Share or Account balance, as a member you are treated equally, you can vote for SCU’s Board of Directors, run for the Board or serve in our ad hoc committees.

Canada’s Financial Institution

Built on the same strong financial system structure as any other financial institution, we are focused on continuous product and service development with full government support encouraging SCU’s operation prioritizing public interest.

Maximization of Member Profit

SCU is not a business profit oriented institution. We prioritize providing the best service to our members, as well as returning our profits to you in the form of patronage/dividend refunds, donations, and supporting community programs.

Dividend Refunds

Based on the annual SCU financial statement, a portion of year-end capital reserves are provided to our members in the form of dividend returns.

Patronage Refunds

Based on the member’s product utilization, a portion of SCU’s year-end capital reserves are provided to our members, either calculated on the member’s annual interest payments or interest received.


SCU is a not-for-profit organization

SCU grew quickly thanks to our member’s trust and care. With Vancouver’s Korean Community and all residents of Greater Vancouver in mind, SCU continues to contribute to our communities in a variety of ways.


SCU is the safest place to keep your funds

SCU is insured with CUDIC (Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporation of BC), which means your funds in its entirety, including any accrued interest is guaranteed 100%.