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Wire Transfer

Transfer Services

The process is quick and simple. All that’s required is the receiving member’s membership number, their 12 digit account number and confirmation of a few details.

International Transfers/ Transfers within Canada

International Fund Transfers are a safe and quick service. Refer to our Incoming Wire Transfer forms for details. Outgoing transfers are just as secure and reliable, simply request this service at our branch and our member service representatives will happily guide you through the process.
For transfers in currencies other than Canadian or US dollars, visit your nearest Sharons Credit Union branch for further details.

Transfer Thresholds

Member:  None
Non-Member:  C$1000.00

  • For Incoming International Fund Transfers equivalent of $10,000 CAD or more within 24 hours, Sharons Credit Union may request further details in accordance with legislative requirements.
  • In the case where the sender or the beneficiary information for Fund Transfers is deemed insufficient in accordance with FINTRAC regulations, the funds may be held.

Applicable Transfer Fees

International Fund Transfer fees vary depending the country. A member service representative can assist you with such details upon request.

*Non-member fees are applicable

Download Forms

Sending Wire Transfers

Sending an outgoing wire?
  1. Photo Identification
  2. Beneficiary Information
    ◇ Name
    ◇ Address
    ◇ Contact Number
    ◇ Account Number
  3. Beneficiary Financial Institution Information
    ◇ Financial Institution Name
    ◇ Financial Institution Address
    ◇ Financial Institution Contact Number
    ◇ Financial Institution SWIFT/BIC Code

Receiving Wire Transfers

Expecting an incoming wire?

◇ Transit(Branch) Number: 01310-809
◇ Routing Number: 080901310
◇ Account Number (12-Digits)
◇ Full Name
◇ Complete Address