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Safety Deposit Box

Safety Deposit Box

Our Surrey & Poco Branch offers the service of keeping your valuables in one safe, easily accessible place: Safety Deposit Box. Only you, and whomever you designate can open your safety deposit box. Sharons Credit Union employees are not able to open your safety deposit box. Visit our branch for further information on this service.

Type Size(inch) Fee
SMALL 1.5″ X 5.0″ X 21.5″ $35.00
MEDIUM 2.5″ X 5.0″ X 21.5″ $45.00
WIDE 2.5″ X 10.0″ X 21.5″ $75.00
LARGE 5.0″ X 5.0″ X 21.5″ $75.00


Diverse Sizes and Types to accommodate your needs and safely store your valuables.


Safe and Secure

Double Key & Lock system ensures full security of your stored valuables.


All members are eligible

All Sharons Credit Union members are eligible to register for this service.

Important Notice

  • Sharons Credit Union reserves the right to prohibit storing of items that are deemed inappropriate or unsuitable
  • Existing and established user rights cannot be passed on or assigned to another individual
  • Safety Deposit Box contracts are a 1 year term. In the case where a cancellation request by the user is not provided to Sharons Credit Union, the contract will be renewed automatically.
  • Visit our Surrey or Poco branch for further information on this service.

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