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Business Property Tax Loan

What   Offers our business members with a unsecured borrowing option for their business property tax payment
Who   Business Property Owner Members
Period   1 Year
Borrowing Limit   Up to C$10,000*

This product offers our business members with the financial means of paying their business property tax.


Features and Qualifications

This unsecured financing solution, relieves the burden of making a onetime full business property tax payment. The product ensures our business members don’t run into any potential interest, fees or penalties on delinquent property taxes. Smaller monthly repayments over a select period of time makes it easier for our business members.


Necessary documents
• Identification and Property Tax Bill
This product is available to all business property owners who are eligible with regards to the lending criteria, guidelines, terms and conditions and fees.

Principal repayment schedules are set up at product registration. Interest is divided equally into monthly payments. Sharons Credit Union will accept full repayment without charging any penalties for this product.

*Credit scores play a role in eligibility, terms and limits in borrowing.